Real Estate Professionals Home Warranty

Real Estate Pros Home Warranty
Eden Home Warranty is a service contract meant to cover the costs of repair or replacement of key home appliances and systems. A home warranty offers protection to agents, sellers, and buyers, against expensive repair costs caused by the breakdown of covered features before, during, and after the sale of the home. In addition, it gives home buyers peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected against costly mechanical breakdowns. Also, it offers them the convenience of having service professionals available to them at any time or day of the week.

According to industry experts, homes that have home warranties tend to sell faster and at a higher price than homes without a home warranty. With this in mind, why not appeal to more prospective buyers by choosing a home warranty from Eden Home Warranty?

Eden Home Warranty is designed to provide the best level of protection to the home’s essential systems and appliances, ensuring that both buyers and sellers stay worry-free and focus on more important things. Any experienced real estate professional will confirm that, whenever they sell a home with a previous owner, in most cases, the new owner will experience some sort of appliance or system failure within their first year of ownership. Anyone looking to purchase a home can benefit greatly from an Eden Home Warranty plan. For realtors and sellers, EHW gives you the competitive edge you need to make your property more desirable, sell faster and earn more from the sale.

A home warranty from Eden Home Warranty might be all you need to close your deal today. Most buyers and sellers in today’s real estate market recognize and appreciate the importance of having a home warranty. By ensuring that every home you sell is covered by a home warranty from Eden Home Warranty, you take a big step forward towards protecting both your clients and your professional reputation.

Learn about limits of liability and exclusions. At Eden Home Warranty we provide service contracts that aren’t warranties. Check policy for details on our response times. The company maintains the right to offer cashback in place of repair/replacement in the amount of EHW’s cost to repair/replace covered systems or appliances. This is often less than retail. All Single Payment home warranty plans come with the First Month Free service.