Home Warranties for Buyers and Sellers

Home warranties prove to be a valuable and smart investment, particularly when selling or buying a house. A home warranty can protect you from surprises and unforeseen expenses, and even give you an edge during the transaction. As with purchasing a house, a home warranty service contract with Eden Home Warranty, provides budget protection when you need it most. When selling your property, a home warranty can mean a faster and better sale as it helps avoid repair issues when closing.

Home Warranty Coverage for Buyers

After you’ve bought a house, the last thing you want is is to spend thousands more on making home repairs and improvements. Many buyers are cash strapped after making a home purchase and the months or even years that follow the transaction can be a hard time for them in terms of finances. Fortunately, with a home warranty from Eden Home Warranty, whether you are a seasoned buyer or this is your first time, you can rest assured knowing that we will handle the costs for your systems and appliances repair. With a home warranty, you can enjoy several benefits including:

  • Round the clock service for claims, both on the phone and online
  • Low fees for calls, no matter the cost of the service
  • Budget protection against unexpected repairs and replacements
  • Instant dispatching of trained, insured, and licensed technicians who are qualified to handle repairs

Home Warranty Coverage for Sellers

Home warranties are also a valuable tool when it comes to selling a house. According to stats, properties with warranties tend to sell for an average of $2300 more and 11 days faster, compared to those without warranties. This can save you from the common hassles and inconveniences that come with selling a home the traditional way.

Properties with warranties are more attractive to buyers and this gives you an edge, particularly in this competitive market. The buyers will be confident that their investment is secured and are willing to pay for it. In addition, a home warranty protects sellers against the repairs and improvements warranted during the sale. This helps avoid the repairs and replacements delaying closing, while also providing reassurance to the buyers. As a home seller with a home warranty from Eden Home Warranty, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fully transferable service contracts.
  • Protection against repairs and improvements during the sales as well as closing
  • Better reputation and reduced liability after closing.
  • More attractive sale, higher price, and a quicker sale

*Click here for a more comprehensive look at limits of liability and any exclusions. Eden Home Warranty provides service contracts that aren’t warranties. Also, we reserve the right to provide cashback in lieu of repairs and replacements in the amount of Eden Home Warranty home warranty’s actual cost to repair or replace an appliance, system, or component (which in some cases is less than retail.

As you can see, there are many appealing reasons to get a home warranty, so what are you waiting for? Reach out by calling or emailing our offices today!


¹ Source: Service Contract Industry Council & National Home Warranty Association.